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Moroccan Lamp 1 Light Table Desk Lamp

This decorative Turkish style lamp creates an instant feel of comfort. The relaxed ambiance of quiet lightning is perfect for décor, night light, or to create a pleasant atmosphere. The Turkish Bosporus style mosaic lamp can be a table lamp, glass mosaic Turkish will look pretty on any desk.

The light Tiffany Moroccan globe with bronze shade base will look great near the bedside the lights create colorfully. Great for bohemian feel, Victorian or chic accent with a burst of colors. Beautiful, romantic, and energetic stained glass lamp. Moroccan Lamp suitable for your bedside, bedroom, office, or living area. Unique and stunning handcrafted design. It will create a unique atmosphere in any room.

Typical of Tiffany-style lamps, this lamp comes with a bronze-colored base and genuine stained-glass handmade shade. Lighting is like Jewelry for your home or your workspace. This Lamp completes your indoor design and shows your imagination. It will add an amazing and soft light to your bedroom, office, living space, foyer. The neutral color of this traditional This lamp makes it very unique styles of decor.

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Base10cm, hight 30cm

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