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Hip flask Pink

The flask pink is laser welded, wind-pressured, and attribute controlled. The cap seals tightly to make certain no whisky, wine, vodka, or any of your favorite quenchers will leak and get wasted. Engrave the flask for your bridesmaids or bachelorette, mother, boyfriend, or birdie juice for your lady's golf game. Hip Pinks appears in a sophisticated and robust gift box. Fetching your drink to a 21st birthday in the park, outdoor matrimony, Christmas, white elephant party present, or another holiday gathering. Keychain makes it fit for travel

Pink Hip Flask set is strong enough to handle the percussion of a camping trip and light-weight sufficient to not sedate you down on the caper floor. Fill the concealable hidden containers with vodka or any alcohol that entitles your mood – a dilute shape capacitate perfectly in your pocket, purse, or covert compartment. It is merit buying for you! Enjoy our time-practical element hip flask in any season to extinguish your desire on the go.


6oz flask

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